This product is designed for Istanbul. The main purpose of the design of this product is to keep away the chaos of the city and make the consumer feel relaxed and tranquil. The users may see the inside, through the transparent surface and can also modify the decoration as they wish by changing the LED figures.

I attended an event name called IKSV Design Biennal, Customization in design with Vestel Design Team. We had 3 days for design a new product, and it was about design a new refrigerator according to one of the Turkeys city facts. With the lead of Vestel Design Team, the first day we made a research about the city, like how we can describe city's attribute and reflect on our sketches. The next day we started to draw different concepts, and then chose one of them and started modelling. The last day, rendered what we modelled and made a presentation about our project.
Magazines and newspapers (2012)
3D Printed Prototype 1:10
Printed by Zaxe with ABS and PLA filament.
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