First Click Testing examines what a test participant would click on first on the interface in order to complete their intended task.  It can be performed on a functioning website, a prototype or a wireframe. 
Original Content 
A hamburger menu was using the app and there were too many contents of the menu.  The aim to make this test was to decide which menu type is better for the app. 
At first, I focused on grouping the most using functions on the app and made a group of the contents which was already using the hamburger menu. There were fully groups for the hamburger menu without headlines with 10 different functions. 
As a second option, there were 5 options with headlines on the navigation bar., which was on the screen until you reach the detail pages of the function. 
We used the optimal workshop to reach users with 5 different tasks for testing the screens. 
* please not that these are not the real datas of the test
​​​​​​​In conclusion, there was not such a different rate between the hamburger menu and navigation bar. Even though according to navigation bar was using faster, it needs time for users to adapt it.About the hamburger menu, users were finding what they want easily, but it took much more time. By the client's sector and needs, the navigation bar seems more suitable for the app in order to chance to add more features to the app.
* please not that these are not the real datas of the test
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