Once you have planned your test and recruited your test participants, it’s time to get ready to conduct your test.  To do so, you’ll want to think about which moderating technique is right for your test, set up your space and equipment, and make sure that you do a pilot test prior to testing with actual participants.
Original Content
It was the first project of mine, also the most important one. There were too many screens and different flows. We decided to run a usability test in every part of the app. That way we would have a chance to make it better before making it live. 
Before every step of a usability test, you need a fully working product or quite good enough prototype to get right feedbacks from your user. 
After long time process of prototyping the app (200+ screens linked to each other)  and creating-choosing right personas, I run 12 usability tests. With the usability plan which includes 13 tasks, we tested the app.  It was a quite impressing experience for me to realize and understand how the test users acting and what they need.

There were some of the strong feedbacks as a result of the usability test. Some of them affected in a good way the content of the pages. 
-There were almost fully successful results for usability. 
-Don't make me think,
-Guide me with text lines,
-Give me a chance to customize my main pages in order to my needs.
-Let me access my favorite functions in shortest way.
were some of the conclusions of the test results.

Left Image: Test version, Right Image: Edited version
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