Hello there! This is me holding one of the whale stitches which I made at Electronic Textile workshop. I born in Istanbul in 1990. I was graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty, Department of Industrial Design and I still continue my studies about IoT and Hardware Startup Ecosystem as a masters degree student at the same department. (But no one knows, shhh it's our secret) 

Here is my step-by-step story about my career. (What is a career, baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!)
Baby Steps...
When I was studying, I was fascinated by the technology that helps things get smarter. Now it is called in IoT (Internet of Things), and I was drawn into an application of this technology on consumer products. My interest was funnelled to the interfaces of the smart products which were also improving. So I decided to get into digital product world. Thankfully I had an idea to make it happened as I was getting new experiences for myself.
Inspector gadget...
Once I get into digital product world, I just happen to realize how the UX process resembles design thinking process. So it took a very short time for me to adapt it. At my last internship, I worked as UX Researcher at which is a renowned UX consultancy agency in Turkey. I had the chance to work and get new experiences with the leading companies such as arabam.com and n11.com
Let's get started...
After my graduation (it's a trap!), it was the time to see the facts of life. (Did I enjoy about it? NO. Did I cry? YES.) I started to work as a UX Designer at Look Digital Marketing Agency. Designing soobe.com.tr was my main and the most important task. In addition, I had the chance to work with other brands especially in an insurance and bank sector. For the banks, I added some features about their payment system and sub-pages. Passolig.com.tr was another major project that I had the opportunity to work for. I designed Passolig Loyalty pages (which is ghost page nowadays) for the exclusive services that the company offers.  
Time to get serious...
Meanwhile, I was still trying to be part of the startup ecosystem in Istanbul, Turkey. I was trying to attend the events or workshops that target entrepreneurs and startup team members. And my home was near by KWORKS Entrepreneurship Research Centre (now, it's not. Life is a b***h sometimes!) So I was lucky to spend time at the centre and blend in with the community. Then I was offered a position at KWORKS Centre. (thanks to my height, I got attention in everywhere) KWORKS was looking for a team member who can design, has a knowledge about prototyping, 3D printers, CNC and Laser cutting machines, also has a knowledge about UX and start-up world. Guess who was that guy??? Yepp, it was me, with the arrows showed me with spot lights. I joined the team and help them to build a maker space named KWORKS LAB. It was a quite instructive experience for me. (I'm planning to add a page about it with completely telling every step about it, but before I make it, you can check the link)
Then I became a mentor about UX and Industrial Product Design at KWORKS Entrepreneurship Research Centre. One year later I found myself in a position where I had mentored and trained about 23 (hard to believe) different topics all about design including 2D design, 3D design, basic coding and electronics. Nowadays, I am working there and training people from 7-70 (literally) mentoring startups about how to make their products (both software and hardware) better. Since I started working with KWORKS I had a chance to work about 20+ startups.
Little bit more about me
I play bass guitar. 
I play basketball. (Played as a basketball player at Fenerbahçe Sports Club between 12-18 years old)
I eat a lot!
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